5G, and the industries that are gearing up for digitization

January 15, 2021

As we near the widespread implementation of 5G technology, there is a lot of excitement across various industries. With 5G bringing in a new level of performance benchmark, it will enhance the overall industry digitization. Every industrial sector is gearing up for a humongous change that 5G will bring in its operations and process. However, let us look at the industries which are likely to be impacted most and how they are getting ready for the change.

About 5G

5G is the wireless technology that promises to enhance the internet experience by providing high-speed data transfer. It is going to be influential in the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices by delivering a completely new set of connectivity and applications.

The increased adoption of 5G is due to factors like the growing demand for affordable devices, consumer demands and enterprises, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  From enterprises to end-users, 5G will influence all types of industry operations. Here are some of the industries that are ready for the 5G change.


Manufacturing industry will be the frontrunner to embrace the technology benefits that 5G will bring to the table. With the help of higher bandwidth and reduced latency, manufacturers will reorganize the various factory processes across the floor. Internet of Things (IoT) is already leveraging automation and with 5G will make smarter factories. Faster data collection, real-time data analysis, instant data updation to the cloud for various factory devices will enable new efficiencies across various delivery processes.


5G will empower the retail industry by giving better insights and analytics on consumer behaviour. Powered by 5G, there would be a faster data transfer between IoT devices. Instant inventory updates to customer delight features will influence growth across the retail sector. 5G will increase mobile e-commerce substantially by giving real-life experience to consumers. 

Health Care

With the 5G implementation, the healthcare industry is going to experience enhanced efficiencies across medical procedures. Telemedicine/Telehealth are likely to grow substantially owing to the high speed of information transfer. Wearable healthcare devices, data analytics, and patient care will change for better health care services.


Vehicle-to-vehicle communication will transform the way transportation works, post the implementation of 5G. With real-time data communication, collection, and analysis across all types of transportation mediums (or media), traveling would be safer. For instance, sensors in the cars will communicate with other cars, helping the drivers to drive safely. This will surely make the roads safer.


Next time you plan a vacation, imagine this: While booking a hotel room, you get the fully immersive experience of the room that you are considering. Just before check-in, set the room temperature and switch on the television. All of this and much more will be possible with 5G, thus enhancing the way the hospitality industry operates and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Telecom and IoT

5G will realize the foundation of the Internet of Things by supporting faster and reliable data transfer between connected devices. With the leading telecom players providing lightning-fast, reliable 5G network, the 4th Generation industry revolution is ready to kickstart. Leading telecom players are working relentlessly to roll out 5G and implement it.

At IVL, we are trusted technology partners of two of the top leading telecom companies today that are pioneering the 5G implementation. During our various project engagements, we have been able to deliver optimum business solutions to the client. In the future, we are gearing up to be a part of the various milestones of the 5G implementation, in the lab and in the real world.