Virtual Hi-Tea with Vinay

At IVL, everyone is family and we welcome all the new joiners with great enthusiasm and zeal. Every family has a story. When a new member becomes part of the family the sharing of the story is done with great pride. The Hi-tea sessions with Vinay are such storytelling and interactive session.

The Hi-tea sessions with Vinay has been part of IVL culture, and practice followed religiously. During this session, the Managing Director of IVL, Vinay Barigidad interacts with all the new joiners. Taking them through the IVL journey, initial challenges, achievements, and learning.

After a short hiatus, recently the hi-tea session was organized using Microsoft Teams. The interaction began with a round of introductions followed by Vinay’s address. Throughout the discussion, he shared his learning while working in the US and the realization of difference in the work culture.

He shared an interesting incident that highlighted the importance of open communications and no hierarchy within organizations. Resolving problems is feasible with discussions and the strength of open communication is immense, which is a part of the IVL culture and is visible in our rapidly growing organization.

The journey of IVL began with an idea to build a service company that innovates differently. At the onset, the dream was to grow and become a team of 100 people in 5 years, which has been achieved 6 times over.

For businesses, the first project is special, but for IVL it was a gift for the new year. On the night of 31st December just around midnight, Vinay received a call informing him of getting the work assignment, this is when he realized that now it’s time to start delivering business solutions. The journey has been a roller coaster ride so far, but in a positive way from learning about various operations like setting office, create processes for admin, HR, recruitment, finance, and at the same time working on the latest technology and getting new business opportunities.

It started from the dining room of his house, moved to a business complex, and now has 6 offices in 4 major cities of the country. All this has been possible through continuous dedication and support from the team members. Challenging oneself to find a solution for various business problems, and not to restrict yourself to the defined scope of work, is what Computer Engineering is about.

Vinay explained the difference in work culture differences in terms of communication through a relatable example. The example was a comparison of Hollywood and Bollywood, wherein the people from the US don’t keep grudges for days about any difference of opinions, as opposed to Bollywood where it might go on for generations. The idea behind sharing this example was to encourage employees to keep communication open, clear, and crisp always.

These sessions give the employees a first-hand opportunity to interact with the leader and get answers to any queries.

At the end of the event is an open forum with teams gets an opportunity to ask questions to Vinay. One of the questions was about the vision of the company and he replied, “the company should be known for solving business problems through best engineering solutions rather than by our manpower strength.”

The team is planning to continue the virtual sessions and continue welcoming the new joiners and educating them about the ideologies of the organization.