Videos – The new Marketing tool

Since decades videos have ruled the world, way back during the 1960s videos have ruled the world of advertising. The same is still trending from YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, it’s a fact that videos are a staple of our everyday lives.

Especially now during these pandemic times, the intake of video content has grown immensely. From informative videos to binge-watching, users have accessed all forms of video content. There has been an 80% growth in the consumption of video content, since the onset of COVID-19.

Video marketing gives marketers an engaging way to interact with audiences. Videos are an extremely shareable way to interact with audiences. Studies indicate that videos are 600% more effective than other forms of media. Here are some interesting facts about the engagement of videos

  • The click-through rate increases by 13%, by mentioning the word ‘video’ in the subject line.
  • 50% of videos are watched on mobile devices
  • Videos which are less than 120 seconds get the most engagement
  • Viewers retain almost 95% of the information when shared via videos

Reasons why video marketing is growing

The Internet has provided a plethora of content to the viewers. One scroll and users are viewing a lot of information and processing huge amounts of data. The attention span of the human brain is going lesser and hence the growing need for keeping viewers engaged. Videos are effective tools to deliver the desired message effectively in a shorter time period. Also, they generate emotional connect through storytelling elements that are otherwise absent in normal text content. Videos drive organic traffic to your website and help in increased conversion from landing pages.

Videos have now upgraded from being optional to an essential part of marketing strategies. Videos communicate more content, within the smallest of time, in an engaging manner.

Video content and pandemic

At present videos provide unprecedented opportunities for customer engagement and lead generation. The concept of meeting people in person for marketing interaction is rare and hence videos are delivering the required personalized experience to all. Be it your product explainer video, know-how to use video, or just something to entertain your viewers, they create the best and lasting impression.

There needs to be a blend of the content being displayed. It should have a purpose and should reflect your business goal. Also, copied content is a strict no-no, it means your content should be original and authentic.

There is no going back to what was before. The pandemic has enforced us to adapt to the new normal. These are totally different aspects for businesses and individuals. For businesses, trust is going to become the driving factor in the relationship between brands and consumers.

Which means that brands that are compassionate towards the society and surrounding would be heard more. This is where videos will help redefine their approach and actively showcase empathy towards consumers. Businesses today are recalibrating the marketing strategies, the key being to involve creative practices for brands.