Top conducive domains for Salesforce and Use Cases for them

June 17, 2020

For most of us the mention of the word Salesforce, a visual of a bold blue cloud logo float across. Salesforce is a big name today and continuously growing, by breaking the traditional silos across various departments and giving one integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to businesses.

Salesforce is not restricted to any one specific industry or domain and is proven to increase the efficiency of businesses and improve productivity. From transforming the teams working style to improving customer relations, Salesforce is enhancing business operations and improving revenue models for all.

We all know how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic escalated the adaption of digital solutions across various industries. Traditional forms of communication, data storage, have started becoming obsolete. Earlier there were many industries that considered technology solutions a luxury, but for them, it has now become an integral business process.

We at IVL, have worked with many such businesses to help them adapt and use Salesforce. Over the last four years, we have been successfully providing solutions to our clients from the Financial, Telecom, and Health Care domains. Here is a brief on how IVL helped them be Salesforce driven.

Improving Client Relations for Financial firms

Financial services have been a key focus area for Salesforce for a long time. It helps clients to deepen client relations by providing a unified financial service experience. Salesforce tools help companies develop trust, transparency, and provide convenience to their clients.

We at IVL work in collaboration with Arcus partners to empower financial institutions in extending the value of their digital assets. We help various Broker-Dealers, Wealth Managers, Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), and Credit Unions to digitally transform their revenue and operation models. With the effective implementation of various Salesforce platforms, artificial intelligence, microservice architectures, and blockchain technologies clients optimize operations.

At IVL, we have the required expertise to provide various solutions to our financial clients. Our Salesforce teams homegrown app Finity360 docs provide a document management system based on the Salesforce cloud and provides a seamless experience with the integration of blockchain technology. Our team has been able to deliver a solution that is compliant to all FINRA norms and has a 5 TB capacity for data storage.

The application enables

– Smart transfer

– Document access

– Cloud storage for ease of access

– Provide customizable reports.

Personalized care simplified for NGO’s

Various NGO’s have been increasingly focused on providing optimal health care to the needy. These setups are continuously evolving and moving towards personalized care, valuable collaborations, and reduction of paper processes. Salesforce gives a platform to doctors where they can interact with colleagues, make referrals, view cases, share x-rays, test results, and much more. At the same time ensuring that the information is confidential and there is no risk of data loss.

As a health care CRM, Salesforce is proving beneficial to patients as they can use the tool online to personally manage their own health. Salesforce has been transforming the way healthcare professionals acquire, serve, and engage patients by creating a connected end-to-end patient journey.

The IVL team has worked with a leading non-profit healthcare organization to implement Salesforce’s Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) for the client. The NPSP is a set of managed packages that allows non-profits to better manage some common non-profit business processes and is compatible with Salesforce Classic. With the implementation of this, our client would be able to manage daily tasks by non-profit organizations effectively. Our healthcare client will be able to manage contacts and households, donation payments, organization accounts and affiliations, and grant lifecycles. At the same time, it will be able to track relationships between contacts, donations, and recurring donations.

Data Management made easier for Telecom Billing Systems

Telecommunication is a rapidly growing industry with numbers of subscribers increasing regularly. This is good for business growth but for those who are handling the data, it is a challenging task on a day-to-day basis. With artificial intelligence and data science here to stay this data has become important and critical. Here Salesforce plays a major role by providing the best in industry customer relationship management software. It helps in Database Management, effective customer interaction, follow up and track status, manage customer orders and predicting future trends.

For our telecom client we have successfully delivered a digital solution to deliver mobile devices though contactless deliveries. With the implementation of Salesforce Vlocity, we have been able to provide our client with a One-Stop solution for handling customer details, order history, billing & usage history, and payment integration with leading providers. Along with this successful implementation of manual and automation testing for the overall solution.

We at IVL, have a team of 70+ skilled Salesforce professionals who are continuously innovating to provide solutions to our clients. At present, our focus is on providing personalized, and data-driven business solutions to our Healthcare and Financial clients. If you are looking for salesforce implementation solutions for your business, talk to us today.