Top 4 Success Tips for promoting your websites and website applications

November 4, 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has been a wake-up call for many businesses to adapt to digital transformation. Businesses are looking for solutions that enable legacy transformation for their existing systems and become resilient. This is driven by the need for giving a better experience to internal and external customers. Currently, digital transformation is the key to the future growth and success of businesses.

When embarking on the Digital Transformation journey, your website and web apps are the most integral asset. Your website and apps act as the face of your business and influence visitors to get in touch, thus creating leads i.e. prospective customers.

Here are some points to consider while planning your digital transformation journey for website and applications:

Focus on customer

The main goal of digital transformation is enhancing the customer experience. Businesses need to shift their focus from promoting product features and talk about customer experience. Rather than talking about your new product or feature talk about how it will help users/consumers. The goal of digital transformation activity is to effectively use the latest technology to provide customer experience.

If you want to keep users engaged, it is important to give them an amazing digital experience. Statistics indicate that people interact more with creative and innovative digital content. Personalized and unique digital content is proving to be influential in grabbing the attention of users. Entrepreneurs need to adapt to this trend and scale-up digital design, collaboration, and content production to ensure customers are always engaged. Digitizing and designing is the key to achieve this.

Craft customer journey creatively

There are various methods through which you can share business success stories. Case studies and white papers are sources through which customer stories can be displayed. However, not every visitor to your website would be reading the whole document. This is where infographics come in, as they represent the content visually. Infographics showcase your skill sets or success stories with key points. For better results, you can attach a detailed case study or white paper to the infographic.

The web has numerous resources through which you can design your creatives without having the technical capabilities.

Insights and Analytics

The latest technologies give you detailed insights and analytics on the website. You can attach analytical tools to your website and get a detailed report and summary of your site performance. Going digital will help you track and analyze data and implement various digital marketing techniques. Data about a number of clicks and landing page rates from your email marketing campaigns can be easily collected. The tools track the number of time visitors spends on each section of the page. Thus, giving you a detailed insight into the website and its content.


Digital transformation solutions create a sense of unity throughout your workforce and different departments in your businesses. The use of a progressive web app helps in streamlining internal processes. It helps employees log records and work activities and the manager to track work status. These enable and establish a strong communication system that further helps to connect all departments within a business that further helps in building a strong digital company culture.

IVL Expertise

At IVL we have worked with clients from various domains and helped them in adapting to the latest digital technologies. Few of our benchmark projects are:

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We have worked for our healthcare client to provide a UX and UI solution that has helped the client in repositioning their brand and enhance the customer experience for the product. At the same time, we have also helped our clients from the healthcare domain in website development and SEO integration. Click here to read more.

Our team has worked with clients from domains of healthcare, telemedicine, telecom, travel and transportation, Investment banking, Manufacturing, Media and Environment, Oil and Gas and Retail E-commerce. Web development, SEO, and digital marketing solutions to the legacy transformation of existing legacy systems and outsourced product development we have the required expertise to meet various IT challenges. To know more visit our website.


Websites are slowly becoming the face of your business. It is extremely important that your business website is upgraded in terms of technology and content, periodically. Digital transformation brings many benefits to businesses by creating a better and effective user experience for internal and external customers.

In case you are looking for a professional company to help you in the digital transformation journey, talk to us. We at IVL, have the required skillsets to provide digital transformation solutions.