World Social Media Day | Amazing Social Media Facts

Social Media Day 2019

June 30th is celebrated as Social Media day, which might sound strange, as every day is a social media day. From teenagers to elderly grandparents, social media has something for all. It is like that multi-store where everyone has fun and gets to see/hear something interesting as per their choice. But, what initially was a source of entertainment grew to become a large platform for companies to showcase their various products and services.

Social media today is also one of the most powerful marketing tools used by businesses. From home-based businesses, small scale entrepreneurs, start-ups to large established industries, everyone needs to have a social media presence. To ensure effective social media marketing, you need to understand how it works. Having said that better understanding comes only with knowledge of some facts about the subject.

All of you must be aware of the basic facts and trends of social media, but here are some facts which will make you wonder. Fasten your seat belts, to read further:

    1. 1) There are 4.4 billion internet users out of the world population of 7.7 billion people, i.e. approximately 57% of the population.

    1. 2) On average a user spends 142 minutes/day on social media.

    1. 3) The most commonly used social media chat messengers handle approximately 60 billion messages a day.

    1. 4) The millennial teenagers feel that social media has a positive impact on them.

    1. 5) With the current usage trends, on average 5 years and 3 months are spent by users on social media platforms.

    1. 6) Humour is the bestseller across all age groups and across all genders.

    1. 7) YouTube ranks second in terms of search engines and has almost 3 billion searches over a month. That is content worth watching for 12 years, is uploaded every day.

    1. 8) On average a user spends 40 minutes/day on YouTube.

    1. 9) The first tweet took almost 3.2 years to reach a billion counts, however, the present tweeting is 200 billion times/year.

    1. 10) Not everyone, around 25% of the population do not bother with the privacy settings of their Facebook profile.

  1. 11) Facebook is said to be one of the major causes of divorce in the US, along with being responsible for people to procrastinate.

Facts Related to Social Media Marketing:

    1. 1) Almost 91% of popular Retail brands use more than 2 social media platforms for generating brand awareness.

    1. 2) 5 million brands are currently advertising on Facebook, which is an extremely large number. Also, there are continuous new additions done every day.

    1. 3) In the year 2017, social media worldwide ad spend was USD 35 billion. This contributes to approximately 16% of the expenditure on the overall digital advertisements.

    1. 4) Around more than 1 billion endorsements have been made on LinkedIn.

    1. 5) The Facebook presence had caused almost 77% of the B2C companies to have new customers.

  1. 6) Social Media Marketing is known to generate more than double the marketing leads in comparison of trade shows, telemarketing, daily mail or PPC.

These are facts which will give you an insight into how social media is changing our lives. Well, I have saved the best fact for the last, i.e.“More People Own a Cell Phone Than a Toothbrush”.

– Hardika Shivdekar