IVL offers you the flexibility to meet various challenges faced in IT resources and grow your business capacity with trained and skilled professionals across platforms, emerging technologies, and custom systems along with deep technology and industry skills. Our delivery model is driven by cost, quality, and responsiveness for your business and the need for cost-effectively finding the right talent.

Recruiting, training, and retaining IT resources with the appropriate skills and experience for your business might be costly and time-consuming. This becomes important when you quickly need to grow teams due to business needs. IVL services help in bolstering IT staff capacity, grow capabilities through a flexible and provide a scalable delivery model, providing resources for local and regional centres.


Staffing as a service enables our clients to get skilled, trained, and experienced professionals as per your business requirement. Here are some of the benefits that we can provide your business


We help companies to meet the ever-changing demand of workforce skillsets as per business requirement.


Deliver specialized technology and various industry skills that fit your business requirement.

Global Sourcing

Ensure scaling over the various multiple time zones and languages for your business needs


Reduced project start-up time for enhanced speed and project deliveries


Staffing solutions help businesses to reduce the cost involved in staffing for enterprises

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