Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director of IVL, addresses employees during townhall for Last Quarter

January 12, 2021

Recently, Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director, IVL, addressed the employees through a townhall session. During the session, he spoke about the achievements and setbacks of the last quarter of 2020.

During the address, Vinay spoke about the position of the company across the various ongoing projects and clients. The achievements in terms of delivery and growth in projects were also shared. Setbacks in terms of employee attrition has been a challenge which the leaders are trying to overcome. There has been some downsizing in projects. At the same time, renewal of work contracts for long term duration is a positive news. He mentioned about new vacancies coming up and the constant lookout for digital talent.

Vinay also spoke about the focus for the year 2021. The focus would be to work on growth of client acquisitions in the BFSI and SPACE Technology domains among other domains. He spoke about existing head count and the likely growth in the headcount by 100% in the upcoming years. 

IVL has offices in 03 major cities of India, which are now open to welcome employees. At the same time, the management urged employees to exercise self-caution and maintain all norms.

To conclude the session a round of Q & A was done, to help in clarifying various doubts of employees.

About IVL

IVL, InfoVision Labs is a global IT Services and Solutions company aiming to build expertise in Digital Transformation, Enterprise App Services, Outsourced Product Development, and Testing Centre of Excellence. The company prides itself on understanding the need for Digital Transformation across various business sectors. The goal of the organization is to solve various business problems faced by industries by providing them optimum and effective technology solutions. The client portfolio for the company includes various industries with sectors like Aerospace, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, and many more.

The company’s core practice areas include Mobility Solutions, Business Analytics, Visualization & Collaboration, and Wireless & IP Communications. The company provides IT services that are full stack and spread across the globe. By adapting to the state-of-art-technologies, the company is marking its footprints among various IT companies.