Krescendo Communications wins 360-degree marketing communications and alliance mandate for InfoVision Labs

March 29, 2021

The consultancy will work in building the start-up reputation and visibility in APAC and other parts of the World.

InfoVision Labs (IVL) has appointed Krescendo Communications as its 360-degree marketing communications and alliance partner with an aim to support IVL’s marketing communications and alliance objectives. Krescendo will manage markets like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the US, Canada, UK, and the Middle East to build a reputation and engage with relevant stakeholders in these countries. Krescendo is a decade-old communications firm and completed its 10 years of a successful journey in January 2021. They have their network offices in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia and work with affiliates across the globe.

Established in 2014, IVL is a start-up and helps businesses in digitizing their businesses which includes numerous solutions like enterprise mobility, legacy modernization, cloud migration, predictive analytics, microservices, and many others. Started with a 5 people team, today they have grown to have 800 plus team members with 3 offices in India. The digital transformation strategies are planned to ensure that the clients get more than just a new technology. A systematic approach of data gathering, understanding, research, and perspectives, enables IVL to facilitate a smooth process for their clients for their comprehensive digital transformation. Today, IVL has carved a niche for itself and is synonymous with innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director, IVL said, “Krescendo’s strategy aligns with our marketing communications goals. As a start-up, we have witnessed many success stories and transformed many businesses. With this partnership, we aim to enhance our corporate reputation and use communication & public relations to reach out to all our stakeholders across the globe.”

Ganesh Somwanshi, Founder, Krescendo Communications quips, “We will fuse our existing capabilities such as brand building, strategic planning, business intelligence, BTL, and performance optimization, plus the capabilities of scaled services within our network. The strategies will help the client to accelerate the business as we will work closely towards achieving milestones through strategic 360-degree marketing and insight-driven communications. The brand storytelling is built to drive regional consistency, whilst being aligned with local market nuances, and help IVL to communicate effectively across a fragmented landscape.”