IVL’s Participation in Webinar Organized by NASSCOM – The Powerhouse of DevOps on Cloud

November 23, 2020

Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director IVL, recently participated in a webinar organized by NASSCOM on “The Powerhouse of DevOps on Cloud”. During the webinar, he had the opportunity to provide insights into the symbiotic relation between Cloud and DevOps. Why should enterprises opt for DevOps in cloud development? During the session, he spoke about DevOps as a culture, the approach, its benefits, and shared success stories of DevOps implementations.

During the webinar, Vinay gave an overview of DevOps and how the culture is evolving across various industries. He also briefed upon how IVL as a company approaches the DevOps engagements and build upon changing the user mindset. Along with helping businesses in their digital journey. Various benefits of DevOps, and how it works in collaboration with Cloud to build a win-win relationship for business.

Along with this Vinay also shared some of IVL’s successful DevOps implementations. In which he shared the approach and technologies used, along with challenges and solutions offered. To conclude the session a round of Q&A was organized. During which Vinay and the other speaker provided answers to the questions posted by the participants.

The webinar gave IVL a platform to showcase its expertise and interact with other teams. It gave an opportunity to learn and understand the process followed by other businesses and how they meet various challenges.


The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) is a trade association of Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing companies. Established in 1988, NASSCOM is a non-profit organization. NASSCOM is focused on building the architecture integral to the development of the IT-BPM sector. Through policy advocacy and help in setting up the strategic direction for the sector to unleash its potential and dominate newer frontiers.

About IVL

IVL | InfoVision Labs is a team of high-octane 800+ employees. The company provides a wide range of software development services to clients. The domain expertise and technology knowledge has helped to deliver a variety of solutions and workflows to various clients. With an array of services aimed towards digitally empowering clients.

The services include Digital Transformation, Enterprise App Services, Staffing Services, Marketing Services, Validation Services, Outsourced Product Development, DevOps Services, and UX Services.