IVL employees got certified from pCloudy and GenRocket

May 28, 2020

Recently IVL partnered with pCloudy and GenRocket to strengthen its presence in Validation Services across the globe. The partnership with the companies is going to help IVL deliver automation services to enterprises for a better tomorrow. At the same time, it is going to bring mobile testing from anywhere, anytime to the enterprises, feasible. These partnerships will further help IVL in building capabilities to start building automation thinking and continue its journey in providing digital transformation services.

Recently IVL employees underwent various training conducted by the companies. 05 employees completed the “GenRocket GCE Certification”. 05 employees completed the pCloudy Appium Automation Certification and 09 employees completed pCloudy Manual App Testing Certification.

These certifications will add value to the employees and help them in the testing of all types of apps that are native and are hybrid.


About IVL | Infovision Labs

IVL I InfoVision Labs offers the best of quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications. The team consists of skilled and dedicated Quality Assurance teams including ISTQB®-certified engineers. With the implementation of various agile practices, the teams can facilitate on-time product delivery and on-time release.

About pCloudy

pCloudy is a company in the mobile app testing platform for various smart devices. They have been providing global organizations with integrated platforms for mobile app testing. The company is focused on improving the quality of mobile applications and mobile websites. The remote cloud testing solution offered by the company reduce project cost, management overheads, and optimizes device sharing among development and testing teams.

About GenRocket

GenRocket is an emerging technology leader in software testing technology, serving IT services companies and enterprise customers who demand superior quality and efficiency in their software development operation. GenRocket TDG helps QA testers generate test data when they need it. Also, generate on-demand, real-time test data that scales to large and complex database environments while preserving referential integrity. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in several international markets through its network of technology partners.

For more information about the company, please visit www.ivlglobal.com, www.genrocket.com, and www.pcloudy.com