My Learning While Working for a Telecom Client

Hi there, I am “Abhash Dhyani” and I work as a Senior Test Analyst (Automation) in IVL | InfoVision Labs and am responsible for writing automation test scripts for one of our legacy applications with one of the elite telecom clients.

Today I want to grab this opportunity to share my experience in the telecom domain. How it changed my life and gave me a new direction.

Over my working experience of 3.8 years, I have had the privilege to work in 3 various domains, which include banking, security and now telecom domain.

My present profile is as an automation tester for one of the Elite Telecom clients of InfoVision Labs Inc, Over the period of my career I have personally observed that unlike other sectors telecom domain has its own advantages. Below are some of my observations which are related to telecom domain


  • The Telecom Industry is rapidly growing each day. With the effective use of the latest technologies companies are trying to fulfil ongoing customer demands. This has helped me in learning new technologies and working with them to further enhance my technical skills.
  • • Across the globe, there are many telecom companies providing excellent facilities to consumers. Working with telecom clients has given me the scope of working on-site at different locations.
  • • Almost every telecom sector works in agile methodology hence it really becomes an interesting and challenging task to complete sprints within strict timelines. It has, in fact, helped me to groom my self-confidence and leadership qualities.
  • • Across the telecom sector, there is a lot of on-going development, maintenance, testing, automation activities. These involve end-to-end involvement of the entire teams which helps in the overall technical growth of the employees.
  • • Last but not least, I have personally learned a lot in terms of knowledge, leadership, and technical skills while working in the telecom domain.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” with the fastest growing technology it is important to upgrade ourselves by working on the latest technologies and we are fortunate enough to get that environment of growth in IVL. 😊