Moving to Cloud – Enterprise APPS and AWS

January 15, 2021

When it comes to moving the existing enterprise application to cloud, Business leaders often term it as a cumbersome and overwhelming task. Fear of uncertainty and insecurity towards data loss is one of the major reasons for the same.  However, these are just assumptions, Cloud is a holistic solution that is secure and identifies, detects, and fixes threats from the beginning.

Today, even if you do not want to, you need to keep your business and enterprise application on the cloud. Simply because of the flexibility it provides your systems. Collaboration, data access, instant updates, security, and scalability are some of the advantages. Businesses are using cloud for a variety of use case, like data backup, disaster recovery, virtual desktops, big data development, customer-facing applications, software development, and testing.

Among the numerous Cloud service providers, AWS is a trusted name. AWS is a preferred by businesses looking for better and effective ways to migrate their existing applications to an enhanced cloud-based infrastructure.

The key differentiators of AWS’ infrastructure services are its flexibility. It gives businesses the freedom of choice to choose the programming models, languages, operating systems, and databases they are already using or familiar with. As a result, many organizations are moving existing applications to the cloud today.

Let us take a look at some key benefits/takeaways of AWS

Redundancy and Resilience

Redundancy in terms of cloud computing is ensuring that availability of fallback architecture in the event of failure. This ensures in the event of failure of IT equipment’s the business does not get hampered. AWS has a robust architecture and has numerous isolated availability zones, thus making it possible to have low-latency and a redundant networking solution that works without interruption.

Resilience is nothing but being prepared for whatever happens and adapting to it.  Owing to the multiple zones in AWS, the amount of failure is less during designing and development of applications.


AWS gives a large range of technologies that helps users to innovate faster and develop customized solutions as per business requirement. Also creating of customized resources like database, Internet of Things, machine learning, storage and more. With AWS you pay only for what you use and can be up scaled or down scaled as per your requirement.


AWS platform is highly secure owing to its highly secure data centre and network architecture that meet all the requirements. Advantage of cloud as opposed to on-premise storage is the reduced cost of hardware devices. AWS cloud allows you to scale and innovate in a secure environment and cost-effective manner.

AWS provides its users with a plethora of guidance, resources, partners, 24 X 7 support personnel and advisories to help you in case you encounter any security issues.  At the same time, AWS provides a security-specific tools, access control, data encryption and continuous auditing of the environment to ensure higher secure environment.

With strong safeguards AWS ensures your data is secure and meets various compliance parameters. The wide geographical spread and availability of AWS zones make it highly secure and resilient.

No Downtime

AWS DMS is a cloud service that helps in migration of the existing database to the cloud solution. What is different is the fact that with AWS DMS you get a complete solution that works with all database types and support a homogenous and heterogenous migration. During the process of migration, the production database is always operational. Any change in the production database is directly replicated to the target. This keeps the migration process as continuous and with almost zero downtime.

IVL’s Expertise and Use Case

At IVL, we have the necessary expertise to provide AWS solutions for various enterprise solutions. Here is a case study that talks about our engagement with a healthcare client in deploying AWS solutions.

The healthcare client was facing the challenge of manual deployments, additional resources for deployment and manual errors due to manual work. Our team worked on the client challenges and identified a workable solution. With migrating the existing application and hosting the APP in AWS, we were able to reduce the scope of manual errors and reduce the complexity of managing across multiple platforms. The same is owing to Code commit using Git and using AWS build code pipeline. Owing to our solutions the client was able to reduce the deployment time by 70% and reduce manual mistakes by 80%.

Our area of engagement also spans to housing management software and other healthcare clients. If you are looking for a holistic solution for your AWS requirement, talk to us today.