Marketing during COVID_19 day and how IVL is adapting

May 4, 2021

The current ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses to realign, reassess, and rework on most of their strategies. The global crisis has impacted everyone, paralyzing all parts of business processes.
One such business process is Marketing; resulting in some companies completely stopping the marketing efforts whereas some have started working towards engaging their audience and connecting more during these unprecedented times. When asked to select, the obvious choice should be the second option as it is a viable one.

As your business faces the impacts of COIVD, it is important that you keep your marketing efforts ON to maintain the customer connection. Results from a survey conducted by Gartner, states that almost 88% of the employees across organizations are working from home. With the majority of people spending more time on social media platforms, companies need to shift focus to their digital operations and look for effective ways to connect, interact, and transact with their audience.

We would like to share some tips and suggestion on how to effectively market yourself, the way we at IVL are,

Show Empathy – Speak from your heart

The consumer behavior has changed, what was working pre-lockdown might not be working right now. The choices have changed and so have the priorities, the important thing here is to maintain your presence. Rather than concentrating on promoting your product, connect to the empathy of your audience. Maintain a balance of marketing and care.
One way of showcasing this is through social media appreciating the work done by essential workers. We at IVL took this opportunity to thank our essential workers by a video created by our leaders from home.

Check out the video here

Talk about solutions

The message that you communicate is as important as the frequency. Share your success stories or achievements with your readers. Anything, a new technology that your team members have learned a new collaboration that your company managed. Talk about the solutions that you provide, real-time tangible solutions that showcase the business’s aim of helping a client.
It was a moment of delight when our previous efforts of discussions resulted in the signing of two collaborations. Which we shared with our viewers.

Consider Chatbots

This is the right time to consider investing in the integration of Chatbots on your website and social media platforms. Chatbots help you interact with visitors and effectively capture lead details. Today, a chatbot is working for all industries, across the globe.

Hence, when our Automation and Integrated Solutions client, based in Nigeria asked for the implementation of a chatbot, we were not surprised. The integration is on as you read this blog.

Share your “Adapt-stories”

The basics of survival for marketers is to ADAPT to the latest trends and situations. Share the adaptions stories with your readers, you never know it might inspire someone.

To begin with we started talking about our approach towards initiating work from home, getting permission from the clients, and providing IT infrastructure to the employees. Then sharing stories that are beyond our professional spaces, like our “Chai pe Charcha” or the Trekkers challenge, that few of our employees took.

Our Delivery Managers talked about their strategies, planning, challenges, and some team building activities that are now a part of their daily meetings. They also talked about the current open positions open within the company.

Listen to what they are saying at our YouTube Channel

The coming months are going to be challenging for various industries. There is a lot of uncertainty in terms of growth opportunities. However, to sustain businesses need to be agile and ready for the change. At IVL, we can help you align your online marketing initiatives and stay one step ahead of the competition. Get in touch with us to know more.