IVL’s Azure Competencies and Use Cases

Microsoft Azure is being used by almost two-thirds of the fortune 500 companies for their various cloud computing solutions. Azure services and related products are proven to solve business problems and help in transforming the customer experience, optimize risk management, meet regulatory compliance, and extend business capacity.

Azure provides advanced security technology to ensure data safety through powerful tools like Threat Intelligence, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection, and Multi-Factor Authorization. The technologies analyze threats in real-time scenarios and alerts to suspicious activities on the network along with meeting various benchmarks of data-privacy are ensured and met at every stage. Owing to the global footprint of Microsoft, azure has support from data centers located across the world enabling it to offer almost 99.95% of service level agreement. It is scalable and can meet various business demands by giving cost-effective solutions.

Azure works on virtualization giving a lot of freedom to the users. With the implementation of the cloud, users can access data and work anytime anywhere. It is highly effective in case of a remote-working scenario and also cost-effective for businesses. It is easy to set-up and migrate your legacy system and can be managed seamlessly. Azure gives the added benefit of Hybrid capabilities, thus giving the perfect consistency between on-premise and public cloud platforms.

With growing business needs, continuous changes in technology and business models, the healthcare and finance industry are constantly trying to reorganize its technology strategy. To empower legacy modernization and for better customer experience, businesses have adopted cloud-based technologies for speeding of business outcomes.

Through active industry collaborations and studying the industry-wide popular cloud adoption success stories, we at IVL have succeeded in helping our clients from Healthcare, finance, and retail sector achieve long term success with the cloud. Let’s take a look at the use cases from these industries.

Use Case for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations across the globe are focusing on being agile and finding ways to be cost-effective. To achieve this implementation of the cloud is key; however, this needs expertise and technical skill sets.

Our US-based healthcare client was in search to build a modern, HIPAA compliant, secure, and future-ready solution to cater to the needs of their huge customer base. Considering the confidentiality of the data, the client was in need of a secure, availability, reliability & scalability of the application. The client was also looking out for minimizing the maintenance/operational cost.

Our team of Azure experts developed a solution with Application hosting, Blob, Database, Azure functions, Power BI, etc. The solution is scalable and resilient for further enhancements along with being secure. The solution meets all the HIPAA regulatory requirements and provides layered, in-depth defense and advanced threat protection, that’s aligned to strict industry compliance standards. With the solution implementation, the client has benefited in terms of cost, and data protection from thefts.

Use Case for Finance

Azure is trusted to drive innovative cloud solutions in financial services. It is a tool that propels the customer experience, optimizes risk management, simplifies regulatory compliance, and use cloud resources to extend the on-premises capacity of businesses on demand.

Our client from the BFSI Industry was looking for migration of its distribution system into a single platform. The requirement was to give a legacy migration solution to the client which would further enable our client to save cost and improve performance. With our expertise, our team delivered a fully automated and high-level performance with tools CI/CD DevOps, Service Bus, Azure DNS, Azure Functions, Virtual Machine , Blob Storage, Azure Login and SSL Certification Integration in our solution.

The solution has enabled the client to improve and deliver thrice the performance rate, save infra cost by six times, and grow client satisfaction by 90%.

Use Case for Retail

A major challenge faced by retail businesses due to the existing use of legacy systems is the gap between data and action. Technology has the power to improve and enhance the brand experience resulting in growth, customer acquisition, and scale. The growth of cloud computing has been effective in delivering a more responsive approach toward solving business challenges and helping retail and consumer goods deliver improved service and experience.

Our team at IVL worked with the retail client and helped them in adopting the azure cloud to secure its payment platform and improve system performance. The legacy system had restrictions on scalability and control systems on downtime.

After doing a detailed study of the legacy system, our team was able to re-engineer the system architecture that is compatible with cloud infrastructure. By implementing the existing legacy system using the Azure Iaas platform we helped the client in the reduction of required physical infrastructure and provide zero downtime.


Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing Cloud Infrastructure Platform today. It continues to grow rapidly, adding support for various features, applications, and different technology platforms, on a periodic basis.

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