Implementation of NPSP and Healthcare Salesforce Cloud by IVL, helped the non-profit client make processes effective!

January 29, 2021

About Salesforce NPSP & Healthcare Cloud

Salesforce NPSP Non-profit Success Pack NPSP is a set of managed packages that helps in managing common business processes. With the NPSP, users can break the silos and create a shared view across fundraising, marketing, programs and leadership constituents. It enables non-profits to track different programs or services irrespective of the complexity and grows with the organization. NPSP effectively manages all the incoming and outgoing funds and provide reports on the impacts of the same. It is equipped with trusted payment integrations and online donation forms.

Salesforce Healthcare Cloud helps in taking the patient and medical innovation to new heights. Healthcare Cloud equips users to connect and engage with every patient, member, employee and partner giving them a 360-degree panoramic view of what is happening.

Together, Salesforce healthcare cloud and NPSP have proven to be influential in helping various non-profit systems to streamline the process and concentrate on what matters: patients and members.

IVL: Use Case for NPSP and Health care

IVL’s team worked with a non-profit organisation for implementation of Salesforce healthcare and NPSP cloud. The client has given considerable contribution in reduction of death owing to breast cancer through research and various policies.

Our Achievements

  • Implemented Tag management which involved complex calculations.
  • Implementation of Health Cloud for Treatment Assistance along with Patient Portal.
  • Implemented Data Archival Solution based on Big Objects.

Our Differentiators

  • Salesforce to Salesforce Integration
  • Responsive UI implemented within Salesforce communities using Lightning Flows which is a low code solution.
  • Domain expertise across Non-Profit and Healthcare domains
Infographics: IVL's competencies in implementation of Salesforce NPSP and Healthcare Cloud
Infographics: IVL’s competencies in implementation of Salesforce NPSP and Healthcare Cloud

Working with the client our team got an opportunity to interact and experience the functioning of a new domain. During this engagement, we have understood the operations of Non-Profit setups and the complexities involved in finances. The domain was new and short deadlines, the pandemic situation created some new challenges. However, the team has been able to successfully deliver the project by showcasing quick learning and teamwork.

For Salesforce NPSP and Healthcare cloud, there is no one size that fits all. You need to connect to an expert who is experienced in understanding what your organization needs to become more flexible and adapt to your timelines. We at IVL | InfoVision Labs have the required expertise to meet your Salesforce implementation requirements. Talk to us today to know more.