How Digital Transformation set to change the way your Business works

September 18, 2019

Digital Transformation is changing how a business operates across the globe. It is much more than adapting to growing technology and becoming mobile. It is about ensuring that your business succeeds cost-effectively.

However, business owners must understand the need and extent to which one should invest time, energy and efforts in the transformation journey. You should understand what your business needs, is it a digital transformation or a digital upgrade. To understand the difference digital transformation is to modify/recreate the way you operate mostly in terms of customer experience. Digital transformation success depends on strong cross-function and supports overall business objectives.

Let’s look at some of the important upcoming trends that are likely to influence the way Digital transformation works.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things is helping companies change by providing data that is easy to access, modulate and use for business growth. The use of IoT over the coming days in terms of digital transformation as it allows increased connectivity between smart devices and machines. The connectivity further helps in solutions getting real-time data for better analysis and planning of strategies.

Bots and Virtual Assistants

Bots are garnering attention in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of usage. This is for the customers as well as the stakeholders. Adaption of Bots and Virtual assistants is likely to grow over the months.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already present around us. Your search for something and gets results for relevant as well related products. However, at present, it is being implemented only by large companies. This is set to change in the coming months owing to a large amount of data captured by all types/sizes of companies. Secondly, there is a growth in technology and a decrease in the cost involved. Third, changing technology and the pace with which it is changing.

AI is equipped to make decisions and analyze situations just like humans. Due to this, it is going to become extremely popular among users.


Cloud computing is another big thing in Digital Transformation. Data storage across companies is slowly migrating to the cloud. Companies are increasingly opting for cloud storage options. This gives companies the ease of data access and provides better customer support.


Till now most of these terms / trends are being implemented in large scale businesses and multi-national companies. However, the same is set to change with IoT and ERP integration becoming increasingly popular among various industry sectors. Presently, businesses are trying to balance Digital transformation needs and traditional business approaches. Business leaders are trying to align their strategies and plan to ensure that they remain one step ahead of the race.