Use Case: Healthcare engagement to deliver an end-to-end Telemedicine solution

June 29, 2021

The Use case briefs about IVL’s engagement with a telemedicine company. Our team worked as an Implementation Partner for Silicon Valley Startup–Procedural Telemedicine Product.  

About Client 

The client is in Healthcare domain and has an end-to-end solution that enables various healthcare professionals and industry experts to collaborate, connect and share insights during live medical procedures.  

About the Engagement  

The engagement started in the year 2020. Client requirement was for development of frontend WebApp Portal and E2E Automation using ReactJS / Cypress. Along with Development of backend Spring Boot Micro Services based REST APIs. Another integral part of the scope of work included Testing and Quality Assurance of Web Portal, REST API Automation & Device (Manual and Automation).  

Solutions delivered:  

  1. Set up a team size of 12+ resources 
  1. New API Development, MFA and SSO implementation, and API Integration with Amazon pinpoint for SMS/Voice  
  1. Designed and developed User Management, Data Retention through Async Scheduler Batch Jobs 
  1. Developed framework for UI automation using Java/selenium, and for Console device automation using python / Appium 
  1. Implemented l10N, I18N for Out of USA deployment 
  1. Written 100K+ LoC, automated 210 UI screens, 122 device cases and raised 200+ defects.  



  1. Procedural Telemedicine application 
  1. Micro Services API development 
  1. New Web Portal UI Development with React TypeScript  
  1. User and Data Management 
  1. Async Scheduler Batch Jobs 
  1. HIPAA compliance, security through MFA and SSO 
  1. Out Of USA implementation 
  1. AWS stalk Pinpoint & Kinesis streams 
  1. QA Automation of Web, iPad and Bio Medical Device 
  1. Code Coverage more than 85% 

Solutions delivered:  

65% of automation of applications  

20% Cost reduction and time saving.  

Tech Stack Used: AWS, Java, Spring, Python, Selenium, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Sonar, and Jenkins