Secure Document Management System for Financial Sector


The document briefs on how the IVL team worked to develop an application that works along with the Salesforce platform and is compatible with all industry domains. The team has currently designed and developed it to help its clients of the financial domain. By providing them a compliance approved document management system that is based on the cloud. At the same time, the tool is integrated to work in blockchain technology seamlessly.


There are numerous financial firms or broker-dealer firms across the globe. These firms are actively involved in trade securities for their clients. There is a lot of documentation requirements from these firms for their clients. These must be stored and maintained as part of the regulatory and compliance rules set by authorities. In the U.S. region alone, there are approximately 3,600 broker-dealer firms with numerous advisors associated with it. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), regulates and monitors compliance related to broker-dealer firms.

The need for a compliance approved document management system was identified. The team with their perseverance and dedication have successfully developed a powerful application. The app is packed with numerous features addressing the various challenges faced by financial firms in terms of Customer relationship management (CRM) systems.


  • Need for a cloud-based document management system
  • The system should meet the various compliance standards set by regulatory authorities like FINRA.
  • Presently, there is a locking duration of documents as per the aging of the document which was difficult to maintain in a cloud environment.
  • The existing systems have governor limits for the size of document uploads i.e. limits of storage for approximately 65 MB only.
  • Systems that are available at present are not compliance compatible.
  • Need for secure and easy to transfer data.
  • For firms, handling of documents in-house was difficult owing to the large volumes of the same.


Development of the app that works with Salesforce to provide a document management system that is cloud-based. Listed below are some of the unique features of the app.


  • Meets the compliance approved set by regulatory authorities like FINRA
  • It allows documents of 5 TB capacity to be uploaded via salesforce in cloud
  • Secure documentation across all domains
  • Safe transfer protocol established across advisors, thus restricting access to document transfer.
  • Smart functionality for transfer of documents between advisors
  • Ease of search access via tags, names and other ways
  • Cloud storage allows ease of access anywhere and anytime with personalized credentials.
  • Feature to create analytics on documents and customizable reports
  • User rights to access documents based on role
  • The application can be used dynamically across all objects of the salesforce.
  • The application is integrated to work with Blockchain technology.