IVL’s software solution improves Business Process Management

August 27, 2019


This document studies in brief how InfoVision labs (IVL) developed a Digital transformation solution for its Oil and Gas client. The Digital transformation solution developed is a business process management solution that automates various processes for the company. This further proved to be fruitful for business growth.

The solution is being used for end-to-end business processes across industry domains like Oil & Gas and NERC Compliance for Electric Utilities. The client requirement was for a customizable and scalable software solution. Over a period, a powerful software solution was developed to further help the clients in their digital transformation journey.

Synopsis of requirement:

IVL developed a software solution for its client that was easy to manage and configure by the business users without any additional handholding. The software solution would allow all business process to be configured by users with minimal IT knowledge, with an aim to structure and streamline the overall process work. The solution will enable the client to arrange work across various functional areas and business units. Further, it allowed users to monitor interactive schedules, ensuring optimum manpower utilization.

Approach and Solution:

Despite the many advancements in the field of oil and gas extraction process, it still is complicated and time-consuming. The cost involved in the process is also high and especially reworks add to the overall project cost. The rigging process, which is an integral part of the extraction needs a lot of planning and calculation. This is due to the involvement of heavy machinery and the need for skilled labor. Prior to the planning of the extraction process, extensive data is gathered with the help of planned seismic surveys. Post which the renting of the rigging equipment and labor as per the schedule is done. At all times, this schedule needs to be followed diligently and in the event of any discrepancy, the oil and gas companies stand to face heavy losses.
This further created the need for an automated system that would accurately analyze the data and at the same time manage the records and schedules.

The Solution:

IVL developed an innovative digital transformation solution providing new value in oil and gas exploration. This is achieved by the combination of multi-schedule management, process execution, and analytical reporting. The solution covers pre-production processes from concept to tie-in, multiple schedules (survey, construction, drilling, completions, tie-ins) and detects conflicts, key milestone dates forecasting, process governance, and compliance through a library of procedure templates with task-specific guidance, documents, and data forms, and integration with other enterprise solutions.
With the help of the solution, our client was able to monitor the pre-production processes, detect conflicts, set key milestone dates, forecast dates, and implement process governance with the help of task-specific templates. The solution has been able to provide the client with a means to save time, money, and ensure the success of the project.

The software solution has various features helping in delivering better output and production. Some of these features are listed below:

• A drilling scheduler, that helps in ranking various tasks based on priority and notifies in case of any discrepancy. In the event of any lack in permits, approval process and stipulations related to drilling and expiring of permits.

• Tasks assigned as per process give a consistent execution of work and have defined guidance, data collection, list of documents and checklist of an audit. Ability to add Ad-hoc tasks to further enable agile work assignment procedure.

• Comprehensive dashboards and analytical reports provide actionable business intelligence, thus helping in effective project management and decision-making.

• The software solution developed by IVL allows the client to integrate it with other enterprise solutions using business entity APIs, allowing data extraction from multiple resources and a variety of file types.

• The solution is equipped with domain-specific knowledge, various processes, engineering documents, templates, informal tasks, and best practices for the industry are updated in the system.

The solution can be easily customized to meet various business requirements.

Energy Sector:

The team of IVL was presented with the task of customizing the software solution for the energy producers. The requirement was to have a solution that was able to manage the compliance for NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation critical infrastructure protection).

About NERC CIP Compliance

The bulk electricity system in North America is controlled by the NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation). It has numerous standards and requirements that cover the security of electronic perimeters along with the protection of critical cyber assets along with training and security management for various disaster recovery planning processes.

For companies to continue business operations in the sector, it is important that they meet the standards and submit the RSAW (Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets) report. The RSAW is an event reporting operating plan that needs to be adhered to by all responsible stakeholders. During the earlier days, the same was a tedious task that would take almost 30-60 days. Any discrepancies or delays would often lead to non-compliance.

The Compliance Solution

The NERC Compliance Solution developed by IVL for the client is a real-time compliance management software solution. It allows the user to manage documents, work activities, and other relevant data. The solution also automatically collects and generates the necessary documents for NERC compliance. This information is captured and stored in a real-time repository and can be accessed easily.

NERC compliance has over 1,000 requirements and has independent workflows and tasks to follow through. At the same time, NERC users had difficulty in capturing accurate data across the US Region. There was a discrepancy observed between the actual forms and the data shared by the user. Owing to the existing user interface shortcomings, users would need to rework the data again, resulting in wastage of time and manpower.

With the help of the software solution developed by IVL, energy companies can be ready for the critical audit processes. The solution gives one-click RSAW reports, the standards of which are ever-changing. The software solution is regularly analyzed to incorporate any changes in the compliance parameters. It can be easily aligned and modified based on the requirement of the energy boards. Users can reduce the amount of time spent on checking whether compliance of various parameters is being met.

The conventional methods of waterfall failed to analyze and forecast the missed deadlines or delays due to process gaps. The solution helps in the micromanagement and analysis of various tasks and workflows. The software solution is process-driven and covers all the parts of compliance. At the same time ensuring that the compliance data is validated and there is no scope for any open loops or mishandling of data.

The software solution developed also ensures that the RSAW reports are ready for submission, on time. Also, it tracks the various stages of the submission process like reviewing and approving. Change management is easy for the user to modify the review parameters. The visibility of forms has improved implementing principles of design thinking and improving the overall user experience. The software solution allows various users to easily navigate, view, and interact with data, help in case of any wrong data entry. The data available on the RSAW worksheet can be easily accessed by users and modified depending on their requirements.


IVL created the software solution by combining the various technologies. Initially, the solution was being developed with the technologies of Asp.net MVC, SQL Server, and ASPOSE(conversion of Docm to HTML). With the growing technology, the solution has been migrated from the existing platform to the Angular Js platform. It is customizable and can be extended to align processes across all business sectors as per demand. It can virtually be customized and modified to suit any industry sector.

The same has been implemented successfully as a business process management solution and is helping companies in their digital transformation journey. With the implementation of the solution, clients have been able to reduce the overall time and cost involved in process management. Furthermore, this is also driving the business towards growth and helps in achieving the goals and targets. The solution is effective in helping oil and gas companies, by streamlining the scheduling and operation processes, along with reporting. The digital transformation solution offered by InfoVision Labs is helping electric generation companies to meet the set compliance standards efficiently and to submit RSAW reports in one-click.