Read to know How we Helped our Client in Process Automation for e-stamping process

November 12, 2020


The document briefs about our engagement with a multinational technology company. Our client specializes in Digital Business communication solutions and services. Over the period of last three years we have worked on multiple SAP projects for the client and won extensive accolades.

Client Requirement:

Before the E-stamping our client used to send invoices to customers directly on e-mail or upload those invoices on the requested portals by customers.

The client was using SAP with a different tool that is managed by a different vendor. There was a change of vendor by the 3PL vendor and hence the need to change the processes and align them with the existing requirement. The client was looking for process automation and alignment across all its plants. However, it was important to have a negligible impact on the ongoing processes.

Challenges and Solution:

The client was using multiple systems for bedrock planning and analytical processes. It was a challenging task to map all the fields correctly. Our team developed internal logic in SAP and got the required information on the IDOC platform.

A third-party vendor, EDICOM validates the syntax of the data and shares it via the client’s SAP system to local government. They have the EDIWIN platform and Monitor the flow of invoices from the SAP system. This is done via the local government portal and vice versa. Owing to the solution, the client is sending the required details of invoices to the local government portal.

The project timelines varied from country to country. On average it is 2-4 months for each country (If it is complete E-stamping implementation). Our team of 4 was able to learn the conversion of data from SAP to the external system. The system are IDOC structures/ Data Modification/ Customization, Invoice functionality/ Compliance.

Technology Stack:

  • SAP

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