A Cloud Based ERP Solution for Manufacturing Sector


The document briefs on how the team of PRISM helped a manufacturing company in their digital transformation journey. The company was working with the traditional approach of data management and our team helped them to start using an efficient ERP solution-PRISM.


The client is a manufacturing company with the main product as a conveyor belt and electronic components. For the process, various types of raw material were used. Some of the raw-material procurement was done locally and some from out-station. Inventory management and data capturing were done via the traditional tool, excel spreadsheets. Thus, creating scope of manual errors and data mismanagement further leading to delays and errors. The client needed a single process management system.

Our team gave the client a demo of PRISM, which is an in-house developed ERP system and later for use in a test environment. PRISM was customized to be able to support sales inquiry, quotations for various business units, sales order, sales process, purchases, invoices, vendors & customers, manufacturing, inventory, procurement, costing and basic accounting process for the business. The solution was customized based on the various business requirement that came across at different stages during implementation.


• The company was in search of a single platform for inventory management and generation of reports. A system that could be easily accessed from anywhere and can be updated by users across. However, the employees were used to traditional record-keeping methods and hence it took time for them to start using PRISM, that was shared for testing purpose.

• During the demo period, the company was merged with Electronic Process Control Instruments manufacturer and a new brand was launched. With the merger, new products were added to the existing portfolio leading to change in the requirement. Also, the new employees were not aware of the ongoing testing of the PRISM.

• The merger has also led to the relocation of the office premises, and there was a lack of infrastructure in the new premises further leading to delay.

• Electronic Process Control Instruments manufacturer had an existing ERP system, migrating from a well-used system to a totally new platform was a challenging task for the employees.

• Post-merger the existing product and service portfolio of the company grew substantially. The demo version of PRISM was modified based on business requirement. This modified version was then tested by the new employees.

• The requirement for various types of reports was introduced at a later stage. The report needed a lot of complex calculations in terms of discounts and taxes.


• The demo given to employees helped them to understand the various benefits of using an ERP system as opposed to the traditional worksheet.

• Post-Merger, numerous modifications and changes were done to accommodate the new product portfolio of our client.

• Once the infrastructure was ready at the new premises, our team met the new employees for requirement understanding. Post which they came up with a plan to accommodate various client requirements. As the first step, we solved the migration bugs present in PRISM. The customer requirement was divided into sprints and executed accordingly.

• Various users and rights were created based on department and job description for the employees to generate the required reports with accurate calculations.

• The team worked on-site for a period of more than 2 weeks, helping the employees understand the usage of PRISM.


For the successful implementation of a large system like PRISM, our team took just 8 months to understand the client’s business and effectively implement a customized application of PRISM. This was achieved with a lot of coordination and customizing of the existing system PRISM. Presently the employees of our manufacturing client are effectively using PRISM for their daily tasks and day-to-day operations.