UX: What it is and what it means to Gen Z

May 10, 2021

What is UX?

User Experience is the interaction with a user’s emotions in several aspects while on a journey with a product or service.

The world around us has entered a new digital era, with several new technologies and their applications. The websites and apps have grown significantly, handy to the user’s wide range for digital products. In these circumstances, the concept of UX and its importance has come into the public eye.

The focus of UX design is consistently in deep understanding of the user call for, use, abilities and limitations. The most important thing is business goals are reached. UX is, not only how it looks, but also how it works.

Every industry has its own style of designing methodologies in UX. The most common ones are:

  1. Discover: This part is to understand and concentrate on business goals. What are the steps we must follow? What are the services and benefits that the business is providing to the user?
  2. Define: Creating personas, scenarios. Make a note of business pain points. Daily basis tasks.
  3. Dream: Goal to have an increment in business with digital marketing.
  4. Design: Information architecture, Interaction designs/wireframes.
  5. Develop Prototyping.
  6. Deliver: Completing the website or design.

We have large scope to learn about UX. Here is a small introduction.

What is Gen-Z:

Gen-Z is the short form of Generation-Z, talking about those born between 1995-2010. Similar to Gen-Z, we do have other generations like Baby Boomer, Gen-X, and Gen-Y who born in 1940-59, 1960-79, and 1980-94.

Differences between Gen-Z and other Gens:  

There are so many aspects, in which we can compare these gens. Few like:

  1. Gen-Z people are born in digital era. Spending time with gadgets was not an ‘addition’ to them. Gen-Z starts to know about digital things without any effort.
  2. Their attention span is very short, compared with other Gens.
  3. They shop online, by checking feedbacks and ratings.

How UX matters to Gen-Z:

Gen-Z uses the technology differently compared to other generations as they have priorities and expectations based on AI systems that we are using now.

  1. How Gen-Z is doing things; in how much time they are spending on one page. It may be about online shopping or reading news.
  2. Getting to understand their attitude towards visiting social media or doing shopping or collecting the information in various ways.
  3. Gen-Z uses visual identity with some logos like social media and some cover photos to identify brands. This gives hug effect on target audience.
  4. Good visual communication and decent UX are eye catching for them.
  5. They work with multiple devices at a time. UX/UI should responsive across multiple platforms which is necessary to grab and sustain the attention.

This blog is written by Deepti Mamidi. My role is to convert the business needs into design concepts and ideas into reality by using front-end technologies. Creating user-friendly solutions and developing pages that are functional and visually attractive.