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IVL | InfoVision Labs is a global IT Service and Software solutions company Headquartered in Pune, India. With a team of 800+ high-octane individuals, we provide a wide range of software development services to our clients. These include Digital Transformation, Enterprise App Services, Outsourced Product Development, Digital Marketing, UX, and Validation Services. Our goal is to solve various business problems faced by industries and provide them optimum and effective technology solutions. Our core competency includes Mobility Solutions, Business Analytics, Visualization and Collaboration, and Wireless & IP Communications.

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Travel & Transportation

Travel and transportation is a huge industry domain that is being influenced by technology across all sectors. Digital transformation is helping industries in the seamless integration of different modes of transportation, cost-saving by providing real-time data and increasing efficiency.

Oil & Gas

Digital transformation is being instrumental in reducing OPEX and CAPEX across Oil and Gas industries. Big data and analytics is helping businesses in getting precision while undertaking digging assignments and locating reserves with a higher success rate. Blockchain, IIoT, AI and ML are going to continue contributing in Oil and Gas industry for growth.

Media & Entertainment

With Digital Transformation solutions the media and entertainment industry is improving the business performance by enhancing the customer experience for viewers. There is a lot of innovation happening across the entertainment industry and is helping in reducing the costs across business processes.


Digital Transformation solutions are enhancing the Health care industry by bringing in automation inpatient data management, Telemedicine, Virtual reality technology for medical procedures, videos, and online forums for medical professionals.


Digital Transformation solutions help manufacturing industries by linking every phase of a product development life cycle from design to support and give the competitive edge by accelerating the pace of innovation. Across manufacturing industries, Robotic Process Automation is increasingly being adopted.

Investment Banking

Digital transformation solutions help in the Investment Banking domain by integrating data, advanced analytics, and digital technology to provide customized solutions to the customers. With digital solutions, banks are strengthening customer engagement with customized offerings.

Retail E-Commerce

The retail e-commerce industry is all about customer satisfaction and connection. Digital transformation solutions are delivering a personalized experience to customers by use of consumer data and behaviour analytics. This extent of personalization is huge and is influencing consumer behaviour. Apart from this, the businesses are also able to save cost, increase reach and grow.


The telecom industry is one of the leading industry domains when it is to the implementation of digital transformation processes. Digital transformation is helping the telecom industry in transforming the customer experience, provide accurate data-driven insights, collaborate and make systems more agile and innovative.

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Our services are aligned with the changing demands of our clients and customers. We focus on delivering the best of complete software solutions from designing, developing, testing, and delivering. We deliver our clients with the best of technology with the fastest turnaround time.

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IVL is committed towards delivering the best of technology solutions for enterprises by continuous innovation. Our domain and technology expertise has enabled us to deliver scalable business solutions and experience to our clients.


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